Mark Grossman (Adam)’s Y&R contract expires | Is he staying or leaving?

adam newman

Adam Newman played by Mark Grossman

Adam Newman is in the middle of a big family drama right now. His dad has once again made him feel like an outcast and this time, he is really hurt. He has declared that he is done being Victor’s stooge.

In real life, Adam actor Mark Grossman’s contract with the soap just expired recently. Does this mean that Adam’s current storyline is setting up the stage for his exit from the show? Let’s find out.

Adam Newman was left out during a major family celebration

As the CEO of Newman Enterprises, Adam Newman felt like a king. But that lasted only a couple of weeks. He was unceremoniously ousted from the throne without any warning, let alone a farewell toast.

Of course, it was decided the very moment Victor announced him as the new CEO that he would have to hand over the throne to his sister once she returned home. He had no problem obeying his dad. Only he did not know that Vickie would return so quickly.

Victor is so blinded by the joy of his daughter’s return that he could not see how Adam was feeling. In fact, he did not even bother to involve him when the entire family came together to celebrate Nick rejoining the company.

Love this scene !! Between Adam @MarkGrossman and Victor!! The hurt and the anger! I am sold! Always a joy to watch you act Mark xx 💕❤️#yr

— Jenny (@chjen12) July 12, 2022

Adam was so wronged this time that even Nikki and Nick expressed their sympathy for him. But Victor, Adam’s only biological relative, can’t seem to realize how unfair he has been to his child.

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Mark Grossman’s Y&R contract expired earlier this 2022

In the wake of this storyline, there have been rumors about Mark Grossman’s exit from the Young and the Restless, particularly since Grossman’s contract with Y&R also came to an end in mid-May this year.

Initially, when Grossman’s contract expired, reports from an inside source stated that he wouldn’t extend his stay. But then a couple of weeks later, the same source did a 180 and stated that Mark had decided to stick around.

Having said that, Mark Grossman or Young and the Restless has yet to make any official announcement about the actual deal. However, considering his scenes still airing past his contract expiration time, we hope that the latter leak is 100% true.

Things are about to get ugly. 💥 #YR is new this week on @CBS! Watch the latest episodes on @paramountplus.

— Young and Restless (@YandR_CBS) July 10, 2022

Already, his character has stepped into another frontburner storyline. The latest disappointment from his dad was the last straw he needed to turn against his family once again. As seen in the teasers, Adam is ready to join forces with Ashland to bring down Victor and Victoria.

What will happen to Adam after this storyline? Keep tuning in with us for updates.

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