Our favorite weddings on the Bold and the Beautiful

There’s been a lot of weddings on the Bold and the Beautiful over the course of the past few decades. The Forrester mansion has seen more nuptials than one can remember, with Ridge and Brooke taking the title for the most I Do’s said on the show. While the Forrester living room has seen its fair share of weddings in recent years, there was a time when B&B weddings used to take place in extravagant locations. There’s nothing like a good wedding to bring all the characters into one place! So today let’s take a look back at a few of the most famous weddings on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Quinn and Eric

a scene from B&B with Quinn and Eric at the altar with Perez Hilton Only one person RSVPed to Quinn and Eric’s wedding

Quinn and Eric’s wedding didn’t have an exotic destination but it was a wedding that will never be forgotten. Quinn and Eric’s pairing was so unpopular that the entire Forrester clan decided to boycott their wedding in 2016.

Ivy was the only person in attendance. Not even Wyatt showed up for his mother’s wedding. Thorne, Zende, and even Thomas had second thoughts about boycotting the wedding but Ridge and Steffy were against it till the end. Both bride and groom wore white as they exchanged vows in the Forrester living room with gossip blogger Perez Hilton playing the officiator Reverend Murphy.

Steffy and Liam

Steffy had a beautiful third wedding

Long time viewers will remember that Steffy and Liam first tied the knot a decade ago on a grassy slope in Aspen. Liam was previously engaged to Hope but Steffy schemed with Bill and got Liam to give her the ring instead. Poor Hope watched her fiance marry her step-sister from a gondola. Their first marriage didn’t last a year as Liam filed for divorced once he found out about Bill’s involvement.

Steffy really knows how to make an entrance to her wedding. Fans will agree that her second wedding to Liam was the most iconic one as it involved the bride cruising down the aisle on a motorcycle. Jacqueline McInnes Wood rides a motorcycle in real life and the writers thought it would be fun for her character to ride into her wedding in style. Take a look at all of Steffy’s weddings on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Steffy and Liam married for the third time in Sydney, Australia. This time, she ziplined to the altar in her wedding dress and had a beautiful ceremony with the Opera House as a backdrop. But the marriage ended just as dramatically as Steffy ended up cheating on Liam with his father.

Ridge and Brooke

And they still broke up after this! SMH

When you’ve had as many weddings as Ridge and Brooke, there’s bound to be some crazy ones. Brooke arrived on a horseback for their first beach wedding at Point Dume. They would return to the same location more than a decade later but this time it was low key and more romantic with just them two, dressed in all white.

Their names were carved out in the sand surrounded by a heart. The couple exchanged their vows under a flower arch and Brooke donned a flower crown. This wedding was definitely the most casual one among their 11 attempts down the aisle, but it was the most intimate one.

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Taylor and Ridge

Brooke made it just in time to the wedding

And last but not least, we have the disastrous Taylor and Ridge beach house wedding in 2009 which Brooke crashed…on a horse. After she learned that Ridge wasn’t getting her texts, she raced to the beach house but hit a tree and fell off the horse.

Taylor had to collect her jaw off the floor as Brooke arrived just in time to object to the officiant pronouncing them man and wife. We’re yet to see if Brooke will crash yet another Taylor and Ridge wedding.

What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments what your favorite Bold and the Beautiful wedding moment is.

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