Monday October 3, 2022

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How many wives has Nick Newman had on Young and Restless?

Nick Newman has had quite a love life during his long tenure on the Young and the Restless. After Joshua Morrow stepped into the role in 1994, the character has been involved in a series of exciting romances. But not all of them have turned into marriages. As a matter of fact, the character of […]

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the young and the restless cast and characters

The Young and the Restless cast Net Worth – Richest Y&R Actors

The Young and the Restless is one of the longest-running soap operas in the USA. It has been airing

Top 10 Bold and the Beautiful Couples of All Time

In its long history, the Bold and the Beautiful has had its share of dramatic storylines. While some couples

Y&R star Jason Canela

What happened to Jason Canela’s character Arturo Rosales on The Young and the Restless?

Arturo Rosales was introduced in early 2018, with actor Jason Canela playing the role. Arturo is the younger brother

Jason Canela smiling

Y&R’s Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) lands exciting new role | Life after Y&R

American actor of Cuban descent, Jason Canela, best known for appearing on the CBS daytime show, The Young and